The Service Divisions employ in excess of 500 people, both directly and indirectly, to professionally assist clients in the implementation of identified objectives. These divisions effectively “work the plans” for clients. There are five separate divisions:

Advises clients on the most appropriate manner in which to protect inventions, patents and trademarks, as well as assists in the actual registration of companies, patents, trademarks and corporate logos. This division has been offering these services in excess of 30 years, and prides itself in providing fast, cost effective solutions.

Serves as the “sourcing and procurement” entity for the group. This division actively sources and procures quality products world-wide for both third party clients, as well as for other divisions within the Group.

  • These products are researched for their appropriateness for the South African market, and are then introduced to the retail and/or industrial/corporate sector via the various divisions within the group.
  • Sourcing and procurement fees are levied on project fee basis, or as a % of sales achieved, depending on projected product sales volumes.

Implements the sales and merchandising objectives of the Groups' “Strategic Planning” clients by:

  • Ensuring clients' products are effectively “listed” in major retail stores. These services are charged for on a rate per hour basis plus pre-agreed travelling and accommodation costs.
  • Maximising the acquisition of sales orders at store level and ensuring that client's products are effectively “merchandised” (displayed), in order to achieve optimal visibility and availability. Sales and Merchandising costs are based on a % of sales achieved, depending on product sales volumes.

Implements impact and cost-effective product promotions in-store, through the media, and/or at outdoor events. The objective is to maximise “brand” awareness and “direct sales” performance of clients' products. Fees are based on the extent and duration of these promotions.

Finally, these Service Divisions are complemented by a new, revolutionary and exciting patented corporate and product promotion initiative:

This division has developed new, revolutionary patented cell phone
technology which enables companies to CREATE-A-DATABASE™,TEX-A-COUPON™, TEX-A-PRIZE™,
TEX-A-REWARDCARD™ and TEX-A-TICKET™ direct to their customers cell phones.
These coupons, prizes and tickets are transferred by way of a unique barcode
which is created and sent via sms technology through an internally designed
data-based management system:

  • CREATE-A-DATABASE™ services are designed to utilise the cost effective MEBS system to compile and manage databases of existing and potential customers.
  • TEX-A-COUPON™ promotions can be designed to deliver bar-coded coupons to either a targeted sample of our database, or your own customer loyalty database. Promotion results can be obtained instantly – no more delays through drawn out coupon counting systems. Report-backs can detail redemption by retail outlet, geographical area, and even by individual customer.
  • TEX-A-PRIZE™ corporate promotions can now send prizes instantly to a winner's cell phone, redeemable at any retail outlet, restaurant, club, etc – in fact anywhere that has standard barcode scanning equipment.
  • TEX-A-REWARDCARD™ can be used as an alternative to issuing magnetic swipe cards. A unique membership identifier can be sent as a barcode directly to the customer's cell phone, which once again can be read by any standard scanning system.
  • TEX-A-TICKET™ offers an instant ticket delivery service – direct to your cell phone – increasing sales, reducing touting and providing the ultimate in consumer convenience, efficiency and versatility.

The redemption of coupons, prizes and tickets are tightly controlled, being read instantly on any existing in-store scanning systems, where-after they can be electronically “ticked” off an existing database, thus eliminating instances of fraud and mal-use. Limits can also be implemented to ensure budgets are not exceeded.



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